OLD Seminar series

Academic year 2020/2021

English for Research Publication and Presentation Purposes

Period (confirmed): from January to March 2021

Seminar series organised by the UNIPI Language Center for first year PhD Candidates (see my previous email to first year PhD Candidates), with the aim to provide them with basic linguistic skills for writing and presenting scientific results in English, and also to prompt them to practice their “soft skills”. All courses will take place between January-March 2021 and will consist of a three-hour lesson per week for a total of 30 hours.


PhD+seminar series

Period (confirmed): from January 12th to February 18th, 2021

Seminar series organized by UNIPI to foster entrepreneurial and innovation attitudes of MS and Ph.D. students, post-docs, researchers and faculty members. The 2021 edition will consist of 13 seminars (see calendar here). To participate in the seminar series, you must register before January 5th, 2021: call | registration form.


Mauriana Pesaresi seminar series

Period (confirmed): from January 15th to May, 2021

This is the seminar series ideated and attended by our PhD students. The idea is to have a series of meetings where Ph.D. students present their recent results and/or open problems, creating connections and opportunities for collaborations among them and among faculty members (who are invited too to attend these events). Talks should last no more than 40-45 minutes, to leave time for discussion. To get the credits for this seminar series, each student must attend 80% of the seminars and give one of them. The coordinators of this new edition of the series, Laura Bussi and Danilo Numeroso, plan to to have weekly meetings from mid-January to mid-May (2021). Speakers (first year PhD students, but not only them) can contact Laura and Danilo.


Seminar series of previous years