Our PhD students are required to take at least 6 courses (each one of at least 16h + exam) and to attend at least 3 series of seminars (each one of at least 16h) during their PhD time.

They can take courses offered by our PhD school (please see below) as well as those offered by the PhD programmes in Data Science, in Information Engineering, in Smart Computing and Smart Industry .

They can also attend courses of International PhD Schools (please see below), to deepen their knowledge in specialised areas, and take (at most one of the) courses offered by the
Master Degree in CS, if they need to strengthen their CS background.

The list of courses chosen by the PhD student has to be approved (in advance) by the PhD Committee, and they have anyway to satisfy the requirements on hours and examination stated above plus they have to span several CS areas and methodologies in order to enrich the CS curriculum of our PhDs.