4 scholarships for our Ph.D. Program in Computer Science

I am glad to inform you that the first call (call “A”) for scholarships has been published today at




The call includes 4 scholarships for our Ph.D. Program in Computer Science:

  • INFO01_A: 2 scholarships funded by the University of Pisa,
  • INFO01_B: 1 scholarship funded by CNR-ISTI on the theme “Trustworthy AI: Validation and Testing for secure, robust, and reliable AI-based Systems”, and
  • INFO01:C: 1 scholarship co-funded by CNR-IIT and by our Department on the theme “Empowering patients through accessible paths in eHealth: design methodologies, tools and systems”.


Key info:

  • The deadline for applying is April 22th.
  • Candidates must have or get their MSc degree (or equivalent) by October 31st.
  • Scholarships and activities for this cycle 40 will start on November 1st.
  • (Applicants have to pay the 30 euro fee only once for all the selections for our Program.)

Best regards

Antonio Brogi

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