Three main PhD events @ Dept of Computer Science

This year our PhD program has organized a series of three events, designed and run by our PhDs, which have taken place at Sala Gerace of our department and with the following characteristics and goals:

  • The first event occurred in the afternoon of the 5th of December (15:30 – ), and it promoted the researches developed in our Department and CNR to our Master students, so to stimulate them to make their thesis on some of those topics and possibly continue these studies in the PhD program. (details on; organizer M. Busi)
  • The second event occurred in the afternoon of the 6th of December (14:00 – ), and it promoted the PhD thesis of our students that have finished this year their PhD. The event has seen the participation of four spectacular invited speakers. (details on; organizers L. Ceragioli, F. Errica, S. Forti, A. Michienzi, L. Nasti)
  • The third and last event occurred in the afternoon of the 9th of December (15:00 – ), and it hosted the pitches of five PhD Alumni that got an industrial path after their PhD in Computer Science @ UniPI, now being brilliant researchers or program managers at prestigious companies worldwide. (details on; A. Miaschi, I. Sucameli)

It was a stimulating and challenging experience, with an incredible participation also by undergraduate and master students. Thanks very much to all PhDs which have made these events possible.

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